JNR employs the “Management by Walking Around” technique to rapidly gain trust and achieve objectives.


MBWA is focused on spontaneous interaction, routine participation at all levels, is generally unstructured and informal, and is particularly beneficial in a stressful project or situation that requires a group of people to cooperate to achieve an objective.

MBWA employs ‘The Gemba Walk’, which instills mutual trust, understanding, agreement and commitment, identifies problems, creates solutions, shows leadership, increases communication, keeps all aware of the ‘issues of the day’, engages and encourages all to ’open up’ before problems become critical, and creates an activist Project Manager.
JNR has extensive experience creating and managing Tiger Teams – Project Organizations with a Top Down Charter with specific, aggressive goals, a small team of the ‘best of the best’ who are placed together, commit to shared accountability, have the necessary delegated authority, include all needed resources, and are totally focused on making the project a success.

Projects are managed using a Detailed Plan and a Summary Chart that displays overall Status. The key management tool is a 20 minute ‘stand up’ meeting three days a week with the entire team – Monday – What are we doing this week? – Wednesday – How are we doing this week? –
Friday – How did we do this week? Continuous on-going engagement with everyone free to speak.